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Laser Welding

Laser welding provides an efficient solution for large quantities of welding where high quality and speed are of paramount importance or simply for pieces which are difficult to weld using other technologies.  Laser welding can be used with either a CO2 or Nd-YAG source. In the first, the active medium which gives rise to the laser effect comprises of molecules of Carbon dioxide, whereas in the second, the active medium is provided by a solid bar (garnet of yttrium and aluminium know as YAG).  The length of the light wave emitted is close to infrared (1,06 μm) which can be transmitted via fibre optics.

Laser welding is used to join different types of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, and, dissimilar metals. This presents possibilities for its use in a wide range of applications:

Laser welding can take three forms:

Gases play a dominant role in laser welding. Apart from being used in the creation of the band of light in CO2 source lasers, they are also used to protect the weld pool and surrounding areas, particularly in welding where power levels greater than 3 kW are reached. Gases have different uses in the laser welding process:

  • Process gases : have the role of optimizing the coupling of the laser energy with the material being used to make a capillary of stable plasma, preventing the screening effect which is always created when excessive amounts of plasma are produced. Apart from being linked to the power of the laser being used, plasma formation is also associated with the characteristics of the gas being used.
  • Shielding gases: have a similar role to that of welding process gases and the job of keeping the fused zone free from external contaminants.
  • Support gases: have the role of sustaining and protecting the root of the weld pool.

Working closely with the main manufacturers of welding machines and plants, SIAD has developed the Stargas® and Laserstar product lines to meet the demands of each client. With over 80 years’ experience and with its specialist technical staff, SIAD is well placed to recommend the most suitable product and solution for each and every application.