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Electrode welding

Stick welding with coated electrodes (SMAW) is the arc welding process wherein the arc in which the fusion of metals takes place is produced using the heat emitted by an electric arc and maintained between the tip of a coated electrode and the surface of the base metal, level with the joint to be welded. 

The electrode comprises a solid metallic core with a covering made from an anti-oxidising and metallic substance, the composition of which varies depending upon requirements. 

The electrode covering performs different functions during the weld process: it protects the weld pool from the atmosphere, cleans the deposit on the welded metal, stabilises the electric arc, covers the slag during cooling, improves the ease of welding in position, improves the profile and look of the weld bead and adds binding elements to the weld to obtain the desired mechanical properties in the joint. 

Stick welding stands apart because of the simple equipment used and the possibility of its use to join a variety of metals and alloys in different positions. Its negatives are that it is a process with poor productivity and requires expertise on the part of welders.

The areas which enjoy a wide use of braze welding are: