Distribution plants and equipment

Distribution plants and equipment

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Distribution plants and equipment

SIAD designs and builds turnkey gas distribution plants based on quality and safety criteria defined by some of the most advanced company standards and to conform with the technical specifications and demands of equipment manufacturers; also in compliance with the most recent legal norms (DLgs 626/94, DLgs 46/90, Directive 97/23/CE, Directive 98/37/CE, etc).

The rigorous selection of equipment and materials, which are subjected to individual tests and trials, ensures total compatibility with the gases and gas mixtures to be used and guarantees reliability over time. All distribution plant components, including pipes and connectors, are carefully selected for each specific application by the technical assistance service.

Each piece of equipment is individually trialed and tested to guarantee quality and reliability. The distribution plant comprises a first stage decompression system with a group of pressure reducers present in the storage tanks where they connect to the network which, in turn, feeds a second group of interceptors for distribution of the gas to each point of end use and depending upon their specific needs. Each distribution line is fitted with a pressure release valve conforming to directive 97/23/CE "PED" as specified in UNI EN961, for the protection of pipework and equipment downstream from a first stage decompression system.

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