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LaserStar is the line of pure gases and gas mixtures dedicated to laser applications and developed by SIAD, in collaboration with the principal operators in the sector, to keep pace with and satisfy the continuing evolution of this technology.

  • High purity assist gases which play a fundamental role in laser cutting both in the execution of the cut and the quality of the work.
  • High purity laser gases and mixtures prepared with precision and dedicated to optical CO2 lasers; their purpose being to shape the laser output.

All products in the LaserStar line are certified following accurate analysis of the gas lots and, on specific request, “one” to “one” certification can also be provided.



LaserStar is used today in over 800 laser plants and in a variety of production sectors, amongst which:


To complement the LaserStar line, SIAD has developed a complete range of equipment and standardised gas distribution plants, which conform to the requirements of all laser plant manufacturers, and make it possible to guarantee the purity of the gas or mixture up to the point of use.

SIAD laboratories are authorised to produce the laser mixture ROFIN SINAR DCOXX to European standards, guaranteeing, thereby, a product of particularly high quality dedicated to the creation of laser beam in SLAB sources.