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Aeronautics and aerospace

The aeronautical and aerospace market is based upon complex mechanical manufacturing which, at the same time, requires extremely high quality. Gases play a fundamental role in this field too, in that they constitute an extremely important element alongside work processes; making it possible to, in fact, achieve top quality and good workmanship. An ongoing commitment to research for improved quality and innovative products has made SIAD products state of the art and has meant that our staff are not only able to advise on which mixture is best suited to any type of process, but are able to suggest technologically advanced solutions which, furthermore offer cost benefits.

The manufacturing processes used for sheet metal working in the aerospace and aeronautical sector are:

Apart from gas products, SIAD today offers a complete range of materials and accessories for cutting and welding, gas centralization and even, through its own partners, automated welding and cutting plants. The SIAD offer provides, furthermore, services such as theory and practical training courses, covering all eventualities.