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Boiler works

The boiler work sector uses sheet metal to make boilers, metal containers and so on. From the simplest and most traditional processes to the most complex requiring great flexibility, the boiler work sector uses both cutting and welding processes.

It is here that gases play a fundamental role, where they are an important element alongside work processes, since they allow improvements in those work processes, increasing productivity and performance. SIAD, which is consistently spearheading research into and experimentation with innovative technologies, is in a position to advise upon the most appropriate gas mixtures for each type of process, suggesting technologically advanced as well as economically beneficial solutions.

Apart from gas products, SIAD today offers a complete range of materials and accessories for cutting and welding, gas centralization and even, through its own partners, automated welding and cuttingplants. The SIAD offer provides, furthermore, services such as theory and practical training courses, covering all eventualities.

The processes used in the boiler works sector are: