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Companies involved in the demolition of obsolete structures, and/or repair and building yards today no longer require simple suppliers, but instead need trustworthy partners who are able to offer support to their clients, providing high quality products, dedicated services and consultancy with maximum safety and efficiency. Possessing these characteristics, SIAD has been accredited, for many years now, as a supplier by many businesses operating in this sector. Supplying gases and gas mixtures from the Stargas product line, materials, equipment, and client specific training courses and services, makes SIAD that valued partner in which to confidently entrust requests related to the welding and metal cutting industries.

Shipbuilding uses many applications, mainly manual, amongst which:

Apart from gas products, SIAD today offers a complete range of materials and accessories for cutting and welding, gas centralization and even, through its own partners, automated welding and cutting plants. The SIAD offer provides, furthermore, services such as theory/practical training courses, covering all eventualities.

In addition, SIAD offers the new StarCap product which, when applied to SIAD’s own cylinders guarantees safety and ease of use of its gases, even in situations where working conditions are not always ideal.