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Building pipelines enables goods to be transported through pipe networks. 

Any stable chemical substance can be sent through a pipeline, for example sewage, sludge, water, beer.  The majority of pipelines are built, however, to transport combustibles such as: petroleum (oil pipeline), natural gas (gas network) and bio fuels.

Pipelines are principally made up of three parts:

  • the link network from the point of extraction to the storage/treatment plant;
  • transportation network for gas/liquid across countries, cities, continents;
  • secondary distribution networks which stretch out from the main branch to serve both domestic and non-domestic users. 

SIAD has its own solution for every aspect of pipeline construction through its services, such as issuing certificates and consultancy on building the connecting joints for the various sections which make up a pipeline, to the more practical aspects which include supply of the gases, gas blends, materials and accessories necessary during construction.

Choice of the right gases, in particular, are of particular importance since they can positively influence productivity and contribute to the achievement of compliance with existing regulations.

The processes used in the pipelines sector are: