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In a growing world market and with ever more demands for safety, reliability and comfort, the shipbuilding sector is turning increasingly towards technologies which improve their working processes so as to improve productivity and performance. SIAD, which is spearheading technological innovation and working in conjunction with specialist companies in the sector, brings technologically advanced solutions to the table which, at the same time, have economic benefits.

From the mast to the structural framework, SIAD gases, services and technologies can bring a series of benefits, for both the shipbuilder and the end user, which include better welding and a better, longer–lasting, finish combined with reduced working times and cost savings.

The processes used in the shipping sector are:

Apart from gas products, SIAD today offers a complete range of materials and accessories for cutting and welding, gas centralization and even, through its own partners, automated welding and cutting plants. The SIAD offer provides, furthermore, services such as theory and practical training courses, covering all eventualities.

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