Isceon MO-59 (R-417A) header

Isceon MO-59 (R-417A)

Isceon MO-59 (R-417A) header

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Isceon MO-59 (R-417A)

Isceon MO-59 is an HFC refrigerant gas that has been formulated to replace R-22 in direct expansion, stationary air-conditioning systems and for some medium temperature commercial refrigeration systems.

Residential and commercial air conditioning systems (for water chillers however, Isceon MO-29 it is recommended ) Commercial refrigeration systems.


  • It is not necessary to change the lubricant (compatible with mineral oils and the new synthetic lubricants)
  • After the retrofit it is possible to top-up the circuit without emptying it.
  • The cooling capacity is slightly lower than that of R-22
  • Sometimes it enables energy savings when compared to R-22
  • The gas flow temperature is considerably lower than R-22.

Compatible lubricants:
Polyol ester oils (POE), also compatible with alchylbenzenes (AB) mineral oils (MO)

Classification ASHRAE for safety purposes: A1