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Isceon MO-79 (R-422A)

Isceon MO-79 is an HFC refrigerant gas that was formulated to replace R-22, R-502 and HCFC mixes (like R-402A, R-402B, R-408A) in direct expansion, medium-low temperature industrial refrigeration systems.


  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration for medium and low temperatures, direct expansion systems: production and storage of foods, refrigerated supermarket counters, ice-making machines Advantages:
  • Allows easy and efficient retrofit (most economical), compared to R404A and R-507.
  • In most cases it is not necessary to change the lubricant (compatible with mineral oils and the new synthetic lubricants)
  • After the retrofit it is possible to top-up the circuit without emptying it.
  • Cooling capacity comparable to that of R-404A and up to 15% superior to the lower temperatures compared to that of R-22.
  • Enables energy savings when compared to R-22
  • The gas flow temperature is considerably lower compared to R-22, therefore may increase the duration of the compressor.

Compatible lubricants:
Polyol ester oils (POE), also compatible with alchylbenzenes (AB) mineral oils (MO)

Classification ASHRAE for safety purposes: A1