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iSpring is the new brand from SIAD which identifies its supply service for food quality carbon dioxide – E290 – used to carbonate water and drinks in the home.

iSpring, in fact, “refills” those little gadgets used to carbonate water in family settings and also finds application in domestic drinks supply plants and homepubs (domestic systems for beer tapping), as well as in aquariums.

The most rigorous safety standards are adhered to for all these applications; receptacles, materials and refill methods used all ensure the food quality of the gas which is dissolved into water or drinks.


Characteristics of the gas supplied

Product: Carbon Dioxide, E290, for food applications
Purity level: 99%
Appearance: colourless gas
Odour:odourless gas
Flammability in air: non flammable


Physical properties


Characteristics of the cylinders 

iSpring offers two kinds of cylinders, containing 450 g and 1 kg of carbon dioxide. The most important characteristics of both sizes are listed below.

450 g Carbon Dioxide cylinders

  • Material: Aluminium Alloy AA6061 T6
  • Water capacity (min.): 0.605 l
  • Empty weight: 0.66 kg
  • Weight of gas: 0.451 kg
  • Body OD: 60 mm
  • Total height: 332 mm
  • Thread: M18 X 1.5
  • Test pressure (min.): 250 bar
  • Burst pressure (min.): 397 bar 

1 kg Carbon Dioxide cylindres

  • Material: Aluminium Alloy AA6061 T6
  • Water capacity (min.): 1.34 l
  • Empty weight: 1.40 kg
  • Weight of gas: 1 kg
  • Body OD: 90 mm
  • Total height: 330 mm
  • Thread: M18 X 1.5
  • Test pressure (min.): 250 bar
  • Burst pressure (min.): 400 bar

H2O Spring caters for all the different domestic needs when it comes to carbonating water and drinks; in particular for the following applications:

  • Small water carbonating systems
  • Domestic "drinks-on-tap" systems and homepubs
  • Aquariums.


Carbonating water in the home

iSpring gas cylinders are used mainly for refilling those domestic appliances suitable for carbonating water and drinks.

iSpring’s characteristics mean that maximum safety is guaranteed vis à vis food hygiene on the one hand and, on the other, ease of use and handling.
All this with the back up of a punctual, efficient and widespread refill service which covers the whole of Italy.


Carbonation of water - beer

Premix Drink Dispensing Equipment 

These are pieces of equipment designed to dispense Premix drinks such as beer, wine or carbonated drinks, stored in stainless steel kegs of differing types and volumes.
Thanks to the use of iSpring CO2 in 1.4 litre cylinders, no external connection other than mains electricity is needed; this due to the reduced size and ease of connection to the cylinder.
By using this system there are no tubes or cylinders to store away remotely with obvious improvements both from the aesthetic and operational points of view.

Dual Concept Homepub 

Based on the experience of an Italian multinational which produces household appliances in the refrigeration sector, a product has been developed combining quality with design, innovation with simplicity.

A special gadget installed on the door of the fridge, guarantees the pleasure of drinking fresh beer, by dispensing it directly from one’s own household appliance at any time of the day.


Keeping Aquariums

A controlled supply of carbon dioxide in the water not only promotes visible growth in aquatic plants through an acceleration of energy and plastic metabolism, but also serves to stabilise some fundamental parameters in the water, such as its pH (through the H2O + CO2 => H2CO3 reaction the pH level is lowered) and its temporary hard water dKH levels, avoiding the so called “biogenic decalcification” phenomenon.

The correct amount of CO2 one needs to dissolve in a given aquarium will depend on a multitude of factors of a chemical and biological nature. Firstly, its consumption and production in the tank (by plants, fish, bacteria and other microrganisms and chemical oxidation processes) and gaseous balance with the air which is present on the surface of the water. These key factors depend, in turn, on many secondary factors such as lighting, the availability of nutrients for plants and fish, temperature, atmospheric pressure, the presence of turbulence on the surface.

The intention in introducing refillable iSpring cylinders for use with aquariums was to offer an upgrade in quality, due principally to the following factors:

  • The use of food grade E290 carbon dioxide in aluminium cylinders (to date the market has offered disposable, iron cylinders which, impact greatly on the environment, or reclaimed -and therefore unsafe- fire extinguishers unsuitable for food use);
  • Making it possible to do it yourself.

iSpring cylinders contain compressed gas and so they must be transported and handled with the maximum caution. Furthermore the following directions must be strictly observed.

  • The cartridge must be used only in systems suitable for carbonating beverages
  • The cartridge must be kept well out of the reach of children
  • The cartridge must be kept away from sunlight and other sources of heat
  • Avoid knocking, denting or damaging the cartridge.
  • If detective, the cartridge must be returned to the local authorised dealer, without being used.

iSpring cylinders contain food-grade carbon dioxide E290; at high concentrations this gas can cause asphyxiation. To avoid these harmful effects the container must be kept in a well ventilated place and must not be breathed in. You are requested, furthermore, to consult the SIAD safety sheets which deal specifically with carbon dioxide.

To access the SIAD Safety Sheet database click here.

A key element of iSpring is its refill service, available throughout Italy, with a very short time span between taking away the empties and delivering full replacements.
The cylinders are refilled at a dedicated plant, using digital calibration, and the entire process is carried out in line with H.A.C.C.P regulations.
A freephone number which appears on the cylinder labels, is available for questions, clarification, any doubts and to help identify the nearest refill centre.

iSpring supplies refillable cylinders/cartridges holding the equivalent of 450g or 1kg of food quality, E290, carbon dioxide.

The service provided satisfies the needs of a specific target group of clientele, namely those who use domestic carbonating systems for water and drinks and aquariums, and with benefits which can be summarised as follows:

  • Maximum food safety and hygiene
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Speed and convenience of the refill service



iSpring cylinders are made out of aluminium for food use. The screw valve is a brass, residual pressure valve. These materials guarantee maximum safety in food hygiene terms given the type of gas being used (food quality carbon dioxide E290).

Single use iron cylinders are, on the other hand, prone to internal corrosion (with consequent emissions of ferrous substances) when there is an inflow of humidity onto the inside of the cylinder, due to the absence of a retention spring. 

Apart from providing a binding guarantee to the consumer in hygiene terms, the cylinder packaging certifies faithful compliance with H.A.C.C.P. norms - Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (art. 3 D.L. 155 of 26th May 1977 states that the person running a food production business must identify each phase of his own activity which might be critical for the safety of foodstuffs and must guarantee that adequate safety procedures are applied, maintained and updated).

The typology of the gas contained therein and precautions for its use in Italian, French, English, Spanish, Dutch and German appear on the packaging. Labelling on the cylinders, obligatory by law, details the regulations pertaining to the use of H2O Spring cylinders in several languages, in relation to the typology of the gas contained in them.

Labelling carries the freephone number to ring for information, clarification, any doubts and to be able to determine the closest replenishment centre to the location of the person in possession of the iSpring cylinder.


  • chrome plated brass connection nut, complete with dedicated foodstuff gasket for the conversion of a supplied pressure reducer from a disposable cylinder to an iSpring cylinder;
  • pressure reducer 8500nL/h ACME21 - 6/4.0 bar frontal/radial gauge with revolving gas release of 4/6mm.