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Technical gases have several uses in the cellar activities, they allow to enhance the specificity and the potential of the grapes by means of reliable applications and of simple management. Kryos is one of these: it allows the cooling of the crusched grapes in a protective atmosphere and the reducing of sulphur dioxide use.

Kryos is a crushed grapes refrigeration system with SIAD technology, managed by a PLC with dedicated software. It receives the crushed grapes, lowers the temperature to the required value, completely removes dissolved oxygen, saturates them with CO2 and transfers them to the next phase of processing. It works through:

  • direct contact between snow, gas and crushed grapes, which results in a high heat exchange;
  • instant cooling of the entire mass;
  • minimization of mechanical stress due to rubbing of the skins against the metal surfaces, with a reduction in lacerations and formation of lees.


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