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Krypton (Kr) is a colourless, odourless, nonflammable, inert gas.

Pure krypton is used:

  • in the production of incandescent bulbs and fluorescent light tubes
  • in the production of lasers
  • in the production of thermally efficient windows.

Materials Compatibility
Metals: Brass; Stainless Steel; Carbon Steel; Aluminum; Zinc; Copper; Monel.
Plastics: Kel-F; PTFE; PVC; Polycarbonate; Polyurethane.
Elastomers: Viton; Buna-N; Neoprene.

Technical Properties
Molecular Weight: 83.80
Specific Gravity (Air = 1): 2.899
Odour: None
CAS Registry No.: 7439-90-9