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SIAD acquires Istrabenz Plini in Slovenia

The Bergamo Group’s internationalization process continues
09 Sep 2016

SIAD announces the acquisition of 100% of Istrabenz Plini, the Koper-based Slovenian leading company for the distribution of LPG, the supply of natural gas through pipelines and the distribution of technical gases for industrial and medical use.

Istrabenz Plini, in which SIAD held a minority stake and had a joint venture relationship since 1990, has a turnover of € 80 million and 220 employees. As well as in Slovenia, Istrabenz Plini operates directly or through subsidiaries in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

"The Istrabenz Plini acquisition - says Bernardo Sestini, Managing Director of the SIAD Group - is part of the internationalization process started some time ago and follows the acquisition of another company, now SIAD Poland, which also operates in the technical gas sector. The strategic reasons behind the acquisition of Istrabenz Plini are essentially linked to the opportunities of development and growth in the markets addressed by the Koper company, with which we have been collaborating for over 25 years.”