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SIAD in a day: the new corporate video of the SIAD Group is online!

25 Oct 2017

We are glad to present you the new corporate video of the SIAD Group – “SIAD in a day”. The video represents an “ideal day” in the industrial ecosystem of the Group, living by its rules, which are very close to those of the natural ecosystem, where “everything happens for a reason and has its purpose”. Starting from the early morning hours, when the activities “awaken”, we come across the daily dynamics of the principal sectors of the Group and its values, ending with the stillness of the evening.

“SIAD in a day” wants to flip over the misconceptions of the gas industry world. For SIAD and its people, as for the planet and its natural inhabitants, a day represents a common unit of life. The planet is the ultimate ecosystem, but the complex universe of SIAD is a form of ecosystem as well. Therefore, the video compares the two ecosystems by weaving them together in a collage, all in the context of a single day. In the end, we are left with a strong sensation that – however small it may be in comparison – SIAD works in a way that is not unlike mother nature. Both are complex systems working for the good of society and the planet.

You can watch it here. Enjoy!