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55th Conference on Environmental Health Engineering

26 Oct 2017

On October 24, SIAD sponsored the 55th Conference on Environmental Health Engineering of the University of Brescia, focusing on the MBBR (moving bed biofilm reactor) purification system at the Giovanni XXIII Congress Center in Bergamo.

The event was organized by the working group "Gestione impianti di depurazione” (Wastewater Treatment Management), which has been operating since 1998 at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Brescia and which sees the participation of university researchers, plant managers, exponents of the controlling bodies and industry operators. The working group has recently established a subgroup that deals with MBBR system management in the field of wastewater treatment.

The conference aimed to demonstrate the benefits and the management problems derived from the use of MBBR processes in the treatment of urban and industrial wastewater. For this purpose, during the event some introductory interventions have presented the current application of MBBR plants in Italy and the main research and development activities in the industry. There has also been room for illustrating management experiences relating to both urban and industrial purifiers. On this point, Eleonora Pasinetti (SIAD) presented a report on the microbiological aspects of the biomass in MBBR processes, while Matteo Vanalli (SIAD) spoke about the revamping of a plant serving a paper mill. In the afternoon, there was a technical visit to the purification plant in Bergamo.