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ECOMONDO 2017: The SIAD Group at the forefront in Biogas and sustainability.

03 Nov 2017

Ecomondo, the international event focused on the green and re-cycling economy of the Euro-Mediterranean area, is around the corner: ECOMONDO and KEY ENERGY provide a very important opportunity to bring together all sectors of this industry, from material and energy recovery to sustainable development. Hot topics that the SIAD group certainly does not fail to tackle, and they will be attending the fair with two stands: one for the re-cycling sector represented by SIAD and Tecnoservizi Ambientali (TA) and one dedicated to biogas for the engineering sector, staffed by SIAD Macchine Impianti (SIAD MI) and Tecno Project Industriale (TPI).

SIAD and TA will be on Stand C2-23 to illustrate the recent innovations in the most advanced environmental technologies, with a particular focus on the biomethane sector where SIAD is able to supply all consumable gases used in the different stages of the anaerobic digestion process linked to upgrading and the subsequent liquefaction; whilst TA operates in the process of re-activating the activated charcoal used in biomethane production from organic urban waste with the recovery of carbon dioxide for food.

At the SIAD MI and TPI stand, the technologies specifically developed for the biomethane production chain will be featured: TPI will present its range of facilities for biogas treatment, i.e. HPSM Biogas Upgrading plants with membranes or selective solvent, in parallel with plants specifically dedicated to the recovery of carbon dioxide, the precious by-product of the biogas upgrading process.

SIAD MI will, in turn, feature the advanced achievements of cryogenic technology through innovative SMART LNG systems for the production of liquefied natural gas.

Their combined experience and versatile skills ensure that the SIAD Group companies are able to propose complete solutions for each field of the biogas sector, from the initial phases of biomass transformation to the final stages of biomethane storage in liquid form.

The 21st edition of ECOMONDO will take place at the same time as KEY ENERGY ("Energies for climate", an exhibition mainly focused on photovoltaic & accumulation technology plus solutions for industrial and residential energy efficiency). Both exhibitions will take place in Rimini from November 7 to 10 , 2017 at the Rimini Fiera, Expo Centre.


The SIAD group will be pleased to welcome you onto its stands:

SIAD and TA: Hall C2 – Stand C23

SIAD MI and TPI: Hall D5 – Stand O50