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SIAD Group takes part in the National Campaign for Quality

06 Nov 2017

The goal of the National Campaign for Quality, promoted by Galgano Group in Italy, is to remind all the players of the economic and social context of the importance of quality for the development of our nation. The attention to the quality of products and services represents the commitment for people’s growth, for the respect of clients and of the territory, as well as an ethical value.

However, who is the creator of Quality in our companies? The answer to this question is given also by the claim of Galgano’s Campaign “IONOI” (meaning MeWe), promoted since 1989 in the occasion of the World Quality Day, founded by three big international Associations for Quality – ASQ, JUSE, EOQ (American Society for Quality,  Japanese Union of Scientistis and Engineers, European Organisation for Quality). The World Quality Day is celebrated each year on the second Thursday of November, this year corresponding to the 9th November.

This is the program of the conferences happening for the occasion, presenting important evidence of excellent business experiences:

  • 21st November, Genoa – “Quality 4.0” in collaboration with Ansaldo Energia;
  • 28th November, Milan – “Quality and Organizational Innovation”;
  • 5th December, Rome – “Excellence at client’s service” in collaboration with Toyota Motor Italia;
  • 12th December, Milan – “Operational Excellence, successful programs”.

About a hundred Italian companies coming from different sectors have joined the Campaign; the SIAD Group is proud to be one of them. The movement is promoting a big change in terms of new productive, organizational, communicational and socio-cultural models oriented to a sustainable Quality, seen as a “cure” for things, people, time and space.

Quality is no longer just a concept related to 'luxury' or a purely technical issue. Nowadays, in order to create and communicate Quality, it is necessary to create and communicate Value. "Quality" is increasingly a significant answer to the need for "Ethics" and therefore needs to be looked at from a different perspective. It is a pervasive force, which must include the whole company and must be communicated inside and outside our businesses. This can be done thanks to the new social networks, offering new forms of sharing and knowledge economy. The National Campaign for Quality, still unique in Italy, responds to an international appeal, fills a cultural and institutional void and brings together a group of corporate realities around a social value. 

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