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49th FARO Meeting

20 Nov 2017

On November 16, SIAD took part in the 49th FARO Meeting, organized by the FARO Club, of which SIAD is a service partner. This time the meeting was held at the Kilometro Rosso Science & Technology Park in Bergamo.

The main subject of this edition was the raw materials purchase budget 2018, although different topics have been covered, such as the concrete results achieved for the Industry 4.0 plan in 2017, as well as the potential for 2018 and the commodity markets. Moreover, FARO Club’s board held a panel discussion, where professionals of different sectors discussed about the difficulties and the methods adopted for their solutions. Finally yet importantly, there was a panel discussion dedicated to consumers, in order to discuss about their expectations for the metals market in 2018.

In the next Meeting, some updates will be introduced, including FARO UP INNOVATION, a series of refresher and in-depth meetings dedicated to strategic issues such as innovation, research, change and technologies available to support business development, which will see the participation of SIAD as a speaker.