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A story made of images: a new Museum set up in Bergamo

19 Nov 2018


On Saturday 17th November at 12.00am, the Municipality of Bergamo, Museo delle storie di Bergamo and SIAD Fondazione Sestini have inaugurated the new Sestini Museum of photography, with a special free opening until 12:00pm.

Since 2000 the Bergamo community has felt the need to entrust fragments of its history and of its individual and collective memory to the Museo delle storie. A memory by images, the thousands of images that today make up the Sestini photographic archive. They testify the city’s and territory’s life between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and represent the work of great photographers from Bergamo who, with their art, have documented the great transformations of Italy and of the world through a century.

1,200,000 images. An archive of inestimable value that could not remain closed in a safe, available only for insiders.

So, 18 years later, all this heritage is now returned to the city thanks to the generous gesture of Siad Fondazione Sestini which, together with the Municipality of Bergamo and the Museo delle storie di Bergamo, has created a state-of-the-art center in the west wing of the Convent of San Francesco for historical photography conservation and cataloging, a multi-purpose space for study, protection and enhancement: the Sestini Museum of Photography.

500 MQ to be walked through for a 360° experience in contact with the world of photography.

  • the exhibition route: a journey back in time to get to know the origin of this marvelous discovery, the stories of the Bergamo photographers and their production
  • the cataloging and consultation spaces where every day a team of 7 professionals works to sort and catalog the digitized photographic archives
  • the archive environments, the technological heart of the new center, intended for the correct preservation of the original material
  • the workshop space reserved for educational activities, workshops, initiatives and events.

1 ONLINE PORTAL. It can be consulted in the museum or directly from home, it will allow you to have the images of the archive always just a click away.

A museum open to all, a living museum, where contemplation becomes a activity of discovery and knowledge, of participation and confrontation, a constant dialog with photography, the historical and poetic witness of the human condition of other places and times.

A ONE AND ONLY PROTAGONIST: photography. A universe made up of daguerreotypes, prints, negatives on film and plate, original photographic instruments and equipment, and a specialized library with a catalog of more than 600 volumes, both rare and modern.

Unique pieces that make this museum an excellence in the Italian scenario.