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SIAD invests 15 million for the new research laboratory

20 Nov 2018


SIAD invests 15 million for the new research laboratory for food and medical gases in the Osio Sopra plant. The new laboratory, which will be completed in 2020 and will have an area of 2600 m2, will allow automated and robotic production of innovative gas mixtures.

The new building will contain: laboratories and productions to develop also metrological mixtures, which provide the measurement reference to all the analyzes in the gas phase and of which SIAD is market leader; special purifications for gases used in the pharmaceutical and medicinal industries; particular calibration mixtures having very low concentration compounds for environmental analyzes; gas mixtures to be used for food counterfeiting and for research in different sectors; mixtures to improve the preservation of foods for the food industry. The technology to identify chemical and biological substances at very low concentrations present in gases will also be further developed. For this last purpose, the Laboratory of Environmental Biology and Chemistry will also be located in the new building.

The project is the result of the Agreement for Innovation between the Ministry of Economic Development, the Lombardy Region and SIAD Spa, aimed at supporting the investment program through the "Gaseous Products for therapeutic, diagnostic, food and metrology innovative applications and related automated production, use and administration systems” project.

Research has always been part of SIAD's characteristics: it was 1964 when SIAD opened the chemical laboratory in the Osio Sopra plant, which was part of the perspective of being an innovative company in the gas field. The SIAD research, started in those years, allowed to bring argon gas to the market in the late '50s, the first Italian company to propose it, the analyzer specifically designed to analyze the nitrogen content in the cryogenic argon produced, the high purity hydrogen for the electronics industry and, subsequently, carbon monoxide produced by a proprietary process, high purity chlorine, production of gas used in the electronics industry such as diborane and phosphine, nitrogen monoxide, the calibration gas mixtures of which SIAD is leader in Italy and among the best producers in the world.

These products are still proposed by SIAD and some of them are still produced with the chemical processes studied at that time. The laboratory built in the '60s is still active and the processing of various products, of which SIAD is a leader, is still performed in it.

Over time, the gas market has evolved and SIAD intends to continue with its innovative company philosophy implementing the investment in a new facility specially designed to follow the needs and future developments of the market. In particular, collaborations with Research Institutes will be set up for the development of the new medicinal mixtures with the aim of studying and introducing gases having particular therapeutic characteristics into the medical field. Some gases are already used for their therapeutic effect, such as nitrogen oxide, xenon and nitrous oxide, but many others can be usefully used in the medical field. Research will also be developed to design and produce mixtures that allow rapid medical diagnosis using non-invasive procedures.