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A project to spread the sea culture in schools: the SIAD Group supports Vela Scuola

14 Feb 2019

The SIAD Group supports Vela Scuola, the FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) project in collaboration with MIUR and Coni. The YCI is a leading player of the project, with the support and sponsorship of the Liguria Region and the collaboration of Arpal, Amiu and Italian Red Cross.

For the promotion of the sailing sport to young people, FIV wants to increase the presence and the offer of sailing in the scholastic world, in order to establish and increase a maritime culture, with particular reference to the understanding and respect of the environment.

Vela Scuola intends to develop a NAUTICAL CULTURE among the pupils of the elementary schools, with theoretical activities in the classroom and practical activities in water, from May 20 to May 25, through 4 phases:

• The discovery and research, through the school subjects, of the sport-marine culture

• The establishment of correct sports life models

• The development of a healthy environmental awareness

• Acquisition of knowledge and skills, which will form the basis of future professionalism

Every year about forty thousand students live this exciting experience, which finds natural continuity in the formative path that the FIV proposes with its own Circles.