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Climate change conference in Trieste under the patronage of SIAD

17 Oct 2019

Future of the planet and corporate accountability at the centre of the conference organised by the SIAD Group in the context of Barcolana, the world's biggest sailing regatta, held from 2 to 13 October 2019 in Trieste.

A message underscoring the need for teamwork was delivered during the conference, entitled “Together for a conscious change”.

The goal of environmental sustainability can be achieved only with the full participation of all sectors of society: researchers, companies, institutions and members of the public, by means of ongoing and continuous actions, minimal daily gestures and large scale interventions.

The tools able to provide a substantial contribution include big data, as explained by Michaela Saisana, head of the Monitoring, Indicators and Impact Evaluation Unit of the European Commission Joint Research Centre in Ispra:

“Big data can revolutionise the understanding of how to manage climate change risks. The potential of big data is considerable, but their value depends on our ability to interpret large data sets in conjunction with small data”.

Climatic conditions also give rise to ethical reflections because they are affecting human evolution: In the words of Telmo Pievani, ordinary professor of Philosophy of Biological Sciences of the Biology Faculty of Padua University, "Global warming is a threat also for the wealthiest countries that believe, erroneously, that they are protected from its effects and that actually bear the greatest level of responsibility for climate change emissions.

Climate justice is now a major ethical issue".

 Companies play an important role in the field of research and innovation, helping to identify new technologies capable of reducing environmental impact, as explained by SIAD Group Marketing Manager Sabrina Zucchelli: “Like SIAD, many companies have made sustainability a strategic value and corporate responsibility, developing technologies and promoting research to restrict their environmental impact, reduce energy consumption, eliminate emissions and re-use their waste materials efficiently.

Apart from implementing eco-friendly processes, companies are also conducting research into new technologies for the manufacturing world and our daily lives, going on to diffuse a culture based on best practices”.

And to predict the consequence of climate change: the Bolzano-based TerraXcube “offers an extreme environments simulation infrastructure to determine their effect on machinery, on humans and on plant life” explained the head of the research institute, Christian Steurer.

 Finally, civil society at large is ready to combat climate change, as illustrated by LifeGate CEO Enea Roveda: “We're at an historic crossroads, with millions of young people taking to the streets to strike and demand that governments, corporations and all adult members of society start working together to assure a future for the planet”.