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Chemistry, the science that saves the world: take part in the National Prize Federchimica Giovani 2019-2020

05 Nov 2019


The SIAD Group invites all Middle School students to take part in the 2019-2020 edition of the "National Prize Federchimica Giovani - Chemistry, the science that saves the world".

The Prize, promoted by Federchimica and some of its sector Associations in collaboration with MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research), General Management for Students, Integration and Participation, was created to improve the knowledge of chemistry and to enhance its contribution to the wellbeing of humanity, to strengthen interaction between school, territory and the chemical industry and to guide young people towards technical and scientific studies.

Students can participate with a story, a journalistic report, a presentation, a comic strip or a video. The prizes consist of a tablet for the individual winner and 2,000 euros of educational material for the school.


The target group is middle school students who can participate individually or as a group/class with a fantasy story, an article or interview, a power-point presentation or a video.

For example, with particular regard to our product sector, the work can follow the following lines:

  • Life without chemistry?

Tell how chemistry contributes to everyday products and how different applications of chemistry improve our quality of life, with a view to increasing sustainability.

  • Chemistry is a solution, not a problem

Describe the technological and scientific achievements that have improved our world and the role of chemistry in meeting the challenges of sustainable development.

  • Find the hoax!

Recognize and unmask the clichés and fake news about chemistry and its products that appear on the web every day.

On-line registration and submission of entries by 20 March 2020: find all the information and read the competition rules.