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In SIAD’s Osio Sopra production plant «We've increased our daily production tenfold to help hospitals in Bergamo»

31 Mar 2020

“When the call came, no one shrank from the task. We all stated our complete willingness to work in shifts, seven days a week, even on jobs that were new to us.” Giovanni Assolari, Manager of the Gas Cylinder Filling and Production Departments, reports from the SIAD production plant in Osio Sopra on the commitment shown by all operators to ensure an immediate response to the growing need for oxygen cylinders used to treat patients with Covid-19.

The SIAD production plant in Osio Sopra has restructured its processes, reviewed its organization and revised its logistics in record time.

“Since March 7 we have increased production, dedicating it almost exclusively to oxygen, increasing the number of cylinders produced by tenfold. Thanks to the great sense of responsibility of all our operators, we are providing a continuous supply to the Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo, the Treviglio Hospital, the S. Giovanni Bianco Hospital, Humanitas Gavazzeni and several clinics and nursing homes in the Bergamo Area.

The ability to quickly reorganize and train employees internally to take on new tasks has allowed us to increase the number of oxygen production workers from two to the current thirty. Most of the colleagues have been transferred from other departments and all have unanimously expressed a desire to help, coming forward in many cases on their own initiative, continues the manager. The competence and professionalism of all the people involved have also allowed us to implement a new organizational structure for our activities, in order to streamline the process and make it as fast as possible. We are collecting the empty oxygen cylinders from hospitals, sanitizing them externally and clearing them of any internal residues within less than 24 hours. Once filled, the cylinders undergo laboratory tests and checks to ensure that the valves are working properly. Under standard procedures, this process can take several weeks from start to finish. We are currently able to complete the whole cycle in less than 24 hours.

Logistics have also been revised, again with the aim of shortening the time required to collect the empty cylinders and deliver the ones ready for use, mainly employed in ER departments, either beside stretchers or at the bedside. We have increased the frequency of these trips from weekly to daily. The company’s testing centers are working tirelessly and, to avoid the slightest interruption in the process, all the necessary materials and spare parts were ordered on time, while also recovering cylinders still out in the field and ordering new ones thanks to the collaboration with Tenaris.

In addition to SIAD’s technology, drive for innovation and ability to rapidly reorganize its work, the added value has come from people. We all see this task as a mission and are totally committed, with a strong sense of responsibility. We are working in compliance with safety standards, wearing masks, protective gloves and goggles. This is not easy given that the activities require great physical effort, but I have never heard any complaints. All of us at SIAD are united in a big, brave and tireless team of people committed to helping sufferers”.