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SIAD MACCHINE IMPIANTI in Russia at the service of the petrochemical sector

14 Jul 2020

SIAD Macchine Impianti (SIAD MI) has contributed to the construction of an innovative Polyethylene plant in Russia. The facility, currently under construction, is owned by one of the largest petrochemical companies in Europe, a leader in the production of plastics and synthetic rubber in the Russian Federation.

The construction of the new plant was commissioned by a major European engineering company that chose SIAD Macchine Impianti to supply two HP series compressors and two other compressors for the project. The new plant is a naphtha cracker that breaks down the chains of heavy hydrocarbons (in this case naphtha) into simpler molecules such as ethylene, propylene and butene, which will then be used in plastics production processes.

SIAD MI’s contribution consists of supplying 2 Hydrogen Make-up compressors model HPS2-1. These machines, each with a power of 600 kW, are designed to compress hydrogen, mixed with gas from the feed stock, inside the reactor. To these are added a HP Nitrogen compressor (high pressure nitrogen) model HSFS3-3,  used to clean and inert the plant during start-up and maintenance, plus a WS1-2 compressor (Instrument Air Compressor), which manages the compressed air for the pneumatic utilities of the entire plant. The compressors can operate under extreme environmental conditions, with a design temperature of -47° C applicable to all materials involved.

The compressors have been designed and assembled according to specific customer requirements. It is therefore a made-to-measure product of a highly technical sophistication that makes use of the advanced level of engineering know-how of SIAD Macchine Impianti.

SIAD Macchine Impianti is committed to guaranteeing continuous customer support throughout the entire life cycle of the project: from sale to installation of the plant through the involvement of various company functions : (Sales, Operations, Supply Chain, Marketing and After-Sales).

The focus on the customer is not limited to the supply of a specific quality product or service, but concerns the overall experience that customers have during the entire relationship with the company: (customized offers, transparent communication, rapid deliveries, real-time information, etc.): this is the main objective of SIAD MI, which is committed to establishing loyal and collaborative relationships by offering itself as a totally reliableand competent partner.