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Immaginario Scientifico inaugurates its new headquarters at the Old Port of Trieste: SIAD is among the exhibitors

15 Oct 2020

SIAD_partner_espositore_Immaginario_ScientificoA journey through lights, sounds and educational messages, discovering water treatment with oxygen and ozone. The SIAD Group brings an innovative installation to the Immaginario Scientifico Science Center in Trieste. A space in which to discover, through a sensory experience, the changes in the state of water and its metamorphosis from polluted to clean, through the use of natural gases.

The installation is located in the new headquarters of Immaginario Scientifico, inaugurated a few days ago in Warehouse 26 of the Old Port of Trieste. Immaginario Scientifico is an interactive and experimental museum, created with the aim of promoting and spreading scientific and technological culture. The centre adopts original exhibition and didactic animation methods that place it in the typology of the so-called "new generation museums" that revolutionize the typical methods of a traditional museum.

The SIAD Group's installation fits perfectly into these exhibition spaces conceived as living places where visitors interact with objects and museum environments: visitors discover the transformation of water, thanks to the use of natural gases such as oxygen and ozone, capable of bringing it back from polluted to clean. The installation is located in the newest section of the Immaginario Scientifico: Innova. The area focuses on the discoveries and technologies that arise in the research departments of some industrial realities of excellence.

"In the SIAD Group, it is natural to have a drive towards sustainability and innovation," says Simone Zampatti, Specialty Gases Application Manager at SIAD. "Our gases are made from air: over the years we have developed special technologies that help purify water and recover and reuse carbon dioxide. A green DNA that has defined the way we innovate and do research.This is why we have decided to support Immaginario Scientifico in the production and diffusion of the scientific culture that has always been common to our realities".