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Gasworld 2020 becomes virtual and the SIAD Group re-confirms its presence

01 Dec 2020

The_SIAD_Group_at_Gasworld_virtual_edition_2020Also in this exceptional year, the SIAD Group re-confirms its participation as an exhibitor at the Gasworld December conference, which, for the occasion, has been transformed into Gasworld Virtual Event 2020 and will take place on Tuesday 1st December 2020. The title of the event is “Asia-Pacific: Realising New Market Opportunities & Supply Chains", thus turning our gaze to the regions and emerging economies of the farthest east, considering a hotbed of activity that largely sums up what the industrial gas business is today.

The SIAD Group will introduce itself to the participants in the virtual Conference through the parent company SIAD SpA and all its companies active in the Engineering sector, in particular SIAD Macchine Impianti SpA (SIAD MI) together with SIAD Engineering (Hangzhou) Co. Ltd. and Tecno Project Industriale srl (TPI). Different proposals for different requirements to meet the needs of the gas industry, including technology, efficiency and safety: reciprocating compressors for process gases and air, Air Separation Units for the production of high purity, industrial gases in the liquid and gaseous phase as well as micro and mini liquefaction units, Biogas upgrading systems and CO2 plants.

In the SIAD Group, it is very clear that the challenges created by the pandemic have accelerated the transformations in the Industry 4.0 terms, already underway within the companies in the group. In particular, SIAD MI and TPI, which have been offering remote control systems for 10 years with high levels of data protection guaranteed and the reachability of the plant from anywhere, have further developed their skills to operate in this sense and today they are able to:

  • Activate remote maintenance, corrective or customer support interventions, thanks to the ability to operate remotely using special software on the various control systems, like PLCs and DCSs, that control machines and plants;
  • Optimize the performance, availability and operating time of machinery, operating costs and regulatory compliance, thanks to the development of the SIADMI4U and TPI4U portals that are able to take advantage of the integration with systems that use the IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things;
  • Remotely support their operators or customers working on site thanks to the use of wearable devices, such as smart-glasses, and virtual and augmented reality.

In an increasingly integrated world, the SIAD Group, with its overseas branches and offices, is an international group that offers advanced and increasingly smart and efficient products and services for its worldwide customers.

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