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Festa Balloon®

Festa Balloon® is the SIAD Group mass market brand identifying balloons and helium cylinders, and comprises a complete range of party products and accessories.

The Festa Balloon® line was created to give color to any type of event or party and includes::

  • balloons "Made in Italy" in numerous shapes and colors;
  • helium cylinders, available in different sizes to meet the various needs of use, adapters and accessories;
  • the party line, that includes the collections of table sets, candles and festoons.

Disney Licensee

The wide Festa Balloon® offer also includes customized Disney products. In fact, SIAD has signed a license agreement with Disney, the undisputed leader in the children’s entertainment market, providing for a contract for the exclusive use of some of its famous characters on the balloons.

Festa Toys®

The Festa Balloon®range was recently enhanced with the new Festa Toys® line. Always under the banner of attention to quality and safety, the new line of toys completes the offer of products intended for children.

Discover the entire offer and all the news on www.festaballoon.it