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Cryogenic tunnel freezers

Modular design makes tunnel freezers ideal across a broad range of operations. Small-volume operations can add capacity as they grow, while high-volume operations can rapidly freeze or chill a wide range of products. In-line food processing operations also benefit from features like top or top and bottom cooling modules, automatic operation, and easy cleaning and maintenance.
Each tunnel freezer includes an internal fan which recirculates the liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide to the top and bottom of the product. Stainless steel curtains also minimise air infiltration.
The cryogenic tunnel freezer is easily adjusted to meet the chilling and freezing requirements of a wide variety of products including:

  • meat patties
  • poultry patties
  • prepared entrees
  • muffins
  • pot stickers
  • pizzas
  • ravioli

While product moves through the freezer on a continuous conveyor belt high-velocity cryogen impacts the product for high heat transfer. Cryogen temperatures can reach as low as -320°F (-195.56°C). Overall, internal freezer temperature can reach -130°F (-90°C).
An automatic vapour balance system at the conveyor entrance and exit prevents warm room air from entering the freezer. This conserves cryogen and optimizes freezer performance.
A fully automatic control system modulates cryogen injection in response to changes in incoming product temperature and conveyor speed and cryogen injection can be adjusted for maximum processing flexibility.
The system is field expandable and can be customised to specific processing lines. It requires minimal electrical power and floor space. Additional features include: automatic temperature control, temperature two zone freezing and integral exhaust pick-up at each end. The system freezes a variety of products with excellent flavour and texture retention, whilst keeping product moisture loss to a minimum.