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The porous mass production process is as follows:

  • recording data from the cylinder (number, weight, capacity)
  • preparation of mass (mixture of water, lime, silica, carbon fibre)
  • filling of the cylinder with a fluid paste of mass
  • heating in the furnace under pressure; reaction between lime and silica with the formation of calcium silicates (xonolite, tobermorite)
  • oven drying, with the elimination of water remaining in the porous mass
  • inspection and quality control
  • sand-blasting and painting of the outside surface of the cylinder
  • fitting of the valve
  • solvent addition subject to removal of residual air from the cylinder
  • introduction of acetylene to saturation
  • packaging and despatch.

SIAD AF porous mass is produced in the Osio Sopra production plant, by a dedicated division. Its production capacity is about 50 000 cylinders per year.