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The main precautions to be observed for recovery of refrigerant gases are listed below:

  • containers must be filled measuring their weight on a scale to be certain of not exceeding the maximum allowable weight per recipient according to type of gas (stamped on the cylinder). In the absence of indications, do not exceed the filling coefficient of 0.70 (kg gas/cylinder capacity in litres). 
  • Recover the gas without introducing lubricant oil in the containers.
  • Do not fill with gases other than those indicated on the recipient
  • Do not mix different types of refrigerant gases.
  • Always check good state of repair of the recipient and do not tamper with any parts of this.
  • Do not use containers whose test date has expired.
  • When connecting the valve and during filling, wear gloves and safety goggles.
  • Do not inhale gas vapours.
  • Avoid impacts.
  • Do not heat containers.

The RecoveryCold containers used for this service are equipped with safety valve, are homologated and all the legally required periodic inspections have been carried out on these.