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Gas distribution plants

SIAD designs and builds “turnkey” gas distribution plants based on quality and safety standards criteria defined in the context of our company’s highest development standards.
The flexibility of our systems helps us to provide solutions which satisfy the technical specifications and requests of manufacturers of equipment using our plants, whilst complying with the latest norms and legal requirements.

Distribution plants
A gas distribution plant performs a fundamentally important role.
Only through a plant built using the most highly developed technological solutions and the most modern criteria integrated with qualities, is it possible to guarantee the purity levels and project specifications actually requested.
By so doing, the integrity of gases on their journey between the gas cylinders and their source is assured; furthermore plant performance are kept unaltered over time and maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum.
A rigorous choice of equipment and materials, each subjected individually to checks and trials, ensures total compatibility with the gases and gas mixtures to be used, as well as the reliability over the long term.
A distribution plant usually comprises a first stage decompression system furnished with a group of pressure reducer (from the pressure in storage tanks, both liquid or gas, to the pressure in the network) which feeds a second group of shutoff valves for gas distribution to each user.
The pressure reduction systems are produced exclusively, designed andmanufactured to SIAD’s specifications so that they comply with the norms for the sector.

Checks, tests and maintenance
Each plant is tested and checked for air tightness and mechanical resistance, in accordance with qualified internal procedures and any specific limitations for comparable sector plants (with reference to UNI - EN737/3).
The scope of the check procedure is to verify the absence of leaks and the correct functioning and safety of the plant through:

  • checks on the gas lines with tests being performed on seals and on the groups of gas decompressors;
  • checks to verify the correct functioning of the equipment out on site;
  • checks to ensure correct connection of the relevant tubes at the points of use;
  • tests on and calibration of the functioning of any warning alarms and leak detectors.

For a better service and in compliance with the requirements of the more recent norms (directives 97/23/CE and 98/37/CE), each distribution plant which has passed the checks is delivered to the client with the corresponding user and maintenance manual, as well as the relevant certificates for materials and plant, declarations confirming test performance and compliance with legal requirements and delivery.