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Fire and smoke curtains

Fire and smoke curtains ensure the compartmentalisation of different zones and assure high efficiency and minimal visual impact.

These products conform to the standards BS EN 1634-1 & BS EN 12101-1 (where applicable) and BS 476-22-8 & BS 7346-3; the 'Gravity Fail Safe' multi-speed drive system allows the curtains to be lowered safely against gravity and at controlled speed, even in the event of electrical failure.

The rolled fire curtains are certified for flame and smoke isolation (on both sides) for 120 minutes (E120), measure 44 x 8 m = 352 m2 in size and are ideal for premises which need to compartmentalise large spaces.

The fire/smoke curtains can be either horizontal or vertical and both have BSi and LPCB Quality Assurance.