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Certifications and reference standards

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Certifications and Reference Standards

The Wall System 300® system has passed all the tests on components required by standard CPD EN12094. But not only. Today we can also count on system certification issued by the CNPP French laboratory, accredited at the European level.

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Reference standards
Each individual Wall System 300® fire-extinguishing system is designed in accordance with the following standards:

•    EN 15004 7-8-9 “Gaseous fire-extinguishing systems - physical properties and system design”. Year 2008. 
•    ISO 14520 part 12 and 13 “Gaseous fire-extinguishing systems - physical properties and system design”. 
•    PED - Pressure Equipment Directives - 97/23/EC. 2000 Edition NFPA 2001 “Clean agent fire-extinguishing system”. 
•    CEA (Comitè Europèen Assurances) CEA 4008 “Fire-extinguishing system using non-liquefied inert gases - planning and installation”. 
•    Design and hydraulic testing of the system implemented according to the procedures and the computerized calculation program of VDS "Verband der Schadenverhuetung" (Cologne, Germany). 

The use of argon and nitrogen as extinguishing agents is approved by:

•    EPA (Environmental Protection Agency - USA). 
•    VDS “Verband der Schadenverhuetung” (Cologne,, Germany) Fire-extinguishing system.
•    LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board). 
•    Lloyds Register. 
•    Bureau Veritas. 
•    DNV (Det Norske Veritas). 
•    German Institute for Environment. Hygiene and Medicine (Approved). 
•    Danish Maritime Authority.