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System engineering
SIAD technical staff is able to meet all the technical and design requirements, both in the development phase in relation to specifications and/or estimate calculation, and in the execution phase in support of installers and customers.

Door Fan Test
Under current legislation, the premises protected by extinguishing gas must ensure both “sufficient structural resistance” which is able to withstand, without being damaged, the over- or under-pressure employed during discharge of the extinguishing agent, and adequate “leak resistance”. These checks are carried out with the help of a tool called the "Door Integrity Fan Test". SIAD is able to assist its customers in these tests by offering the most advanced monitoring and verification systems.

As a result of its collaboration with leading disposal centres at European level, SIAD is able to offer support and assistance to its customers for the disposal of spent products or products which have been banned under new regulations (ex. NAF SIII).

As SIAD has its own testing centres, it is able to perform all activities necessary for emptying and retesting pressurised containers, in conformity with current regulations. Valves and hoses may be subjected to functional and pressure tests using test bench instruments. Once all the operations have been carried out, a test certificate, as requested by the Transport Ministry, will be issued.