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Gases for modified atmosphere food packaging

FOODLINE® is the line of gases produced by SIAD in order to meet the most stringent requirements in food packaging: this makes it possible to extend the shelf-life of food products and to preserve qualities such as colour, aroma and flavour.
The FOODLINE® range, which includes nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen and their mixtures, is a line dedicated only to food use and its purity meets the requirements demanded by current standards.


FOODLINE® can cause asphyxia in high concentrations.
To avoid this harmful effect, producers and customers should follow strict safety guidelines for storage and handling, and consult our FOODLINE® Material Safety Data Sheet.

FOODLINE® supply options and services available to SIAD customers include:

  • transport in cylinders or packs of cylinders
  • design and installation of gas distribution systems
  • supply of equipment for the correct use of the gas
  • assistance and technical consultancy for the transportion, distribution and application of the gas.

Supply modes

Product: nitrogen, carbon dioxide and pure oxygen or mixtures of these
Aspect: colourless gas
Odour: odourless gas
Relative density (air = 1): 0.97÷1.529
Limit of flammability in air: not flammable

Technical properties