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iSpring cylinders contain compressed gas and so they must be transported and handled with the maximum caution. Furthermore the following directions must be strictly observed.

  • The cartridge must be used only in systems suitable for carbonating beverages
  • The cartridge must be kept well out of the reach of children
  • The cartridge must be kept away from sunlight and other sources of heat
  • Avoid knocking, denting or damaging the cartridge.
  • If detective, the cartridge must be returned to the local authorised dealer, without being used.

iSpring cylinders contain food-grade carbon dioxide E290; at high concentrations this gas can cause asphyxiation. To avoid these harmful effects the container must be kept in a well ventilated place and must not be breathed in. You are requested, furthermore, to consult the SIAD safety sheets which deal specifically with carbon dioxide.

To access the SIAD Safety Sheet database click here.