Analytic measurement equipment

Analytic measurement equipment

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Analytic measurement equipment

The LAT Centre can calibrate analytical measuring equipment, gas chromatographs and analyzers: some of the instruments include gas chromatographs with FID detector for hydrocarbons, TCD and PDD for oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, SCD and AED for sulfur compounds; and IR cell analyzers for carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, UV cell for sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, chemiluminescence for nitrogen oxide and nitrogen dioxide, paramagnetic for oxygen and cooled mirror cell for humidity.

The calibration is performed in accordance with standard ISO 6143, using the method of generalized least squares (GLS). It is important to define the correct calibration conditions so that they reflect the actual use of the instrument. It is therefore necessary to request the calibration in the most suitable range of concentration and to indicate the matrix gas in which the instrument willbe used.

SIAD technicians assist the customer in defining the correct conditions in which the calibration must be carried out according to: type of detector, calibration range, analysis function (e.g., quadratic or linear), linearity of response of the instrument. The number of traceable mixtures necessary for calibrating the equipment will depend on the correct definition of these variables.

The accreditation table gives the concentration calibration ranges and the minimum uncertainty that can be certified for each type of detector.

The main recommended applications are:

  • checking the state of calibration of analytical equipment (for example, checking the measurement line or re-alignment);
  • compliance of the instrument with standards (legislative parameters, specifications of supply, etc.)

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