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CRM gas reference materials

CRM gas reference materials

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CRM gas reference materials

The RMP Producer No. 143 can produce Certified Reference Gas Materials (CRM) as it is accredited according to ISO 17034. For this type of mixtures the Producer warrants and certifies a range of time (stability) in which the homogeneity of the mixture and the values of concentration are stable.

The CRMs are produced gravimetrically according to the standard ISO 6142-1.

Metrological traceability derives from the masses calibrated by a Primary Metrology Institute or by an Accredited Center used for gravimetric preparation of the mixtures. The calculation of the concentration and the uncertainty of the calibration takes into account:

  • the choice and quality of the raw materials and the original mixtures;
  • the masses used for calibrating;
  • the scale and its performance;
  • the calibration ambient conditions;
  • the preparation procedure with all the uncertainties relating to the weighing process.

All the individually prepared mixtures are analytically verified. The analysis follows the guidelines of ISO 6143, which provides a three-point calibration, or the guidelines of ISO 12963, which provides two-point or single-point calibration.

The samples used for instrumental calibration are traceable mixtures within the Center and of the Producer of certified by a Primary Metrology Institute.

The CRMs are characterized by the better preparation tolerance, definied as the difference between the requested value and the certified value, and by very small relative extended uncertainties.

The main recommended applications are:

  • the calibration of equipment requiring binding measurement performance with the best possible uncertainties available in the market (legislative parameters, specifications of supply, etc..). 

Certified gaseous reference materials