Gas mixtures with the gravimetric method G-CGM

Gas mixtures with the gravimetric method G-CGM

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Gas mixtures with the gravimetric method G-CGM - main

G-CGMs are gas mixtures calibrated gravimetrically according to the standard ISO 6142. Metrological traceability derives from the masses calibrated by a Primary Metrology Institute or by an Accredited Center used for preparing the mixtures.

The calculation of the concentration and the uncertainty of the calibration takes into account:

  • the choice and quality of the raw materials and the original mixtures;
  • the masses used for calibrating the balance and its performance;
  • the calibration ambient conditions;
  • the preparation procedure with all the uncertainties relating to the weighing process.

All the individually prepared mixtures are analytically verified.

The analysis follows the guidelines of ISO 6143, which provides a three-point calibration, or the guidelines of ISO 12963, which provides two-point or single-point calibration. The samples used for instrumental calibration are traceable mixtures or certified by a Primary Metrological Institute.

The G-CGM mixture is then traceable to the mass that is validated by analysis with respect to traceable mixtures. The validation process is a distinguishing feature of the Center's mixtures to further support the high quality of these mixtures.

G-CGMs, on a par with CRMs, are characterized by the best possible preparation tolerance with current technology, and by very small relative extended uncertainties. G-CGMs are also available as a multi-component gas mixture in line with the compatibility constraints due to the chemical-physical characteristics of the gases.

The main recommended applications are:

  • the calibration of equipment requiring traceable measurement performance (legislative parameters, specifications of supply, etc..) and low uncertainties.

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