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Packaged gases

The capacity to produce and use gases is one of the fundamental elements of technical progress in the present era. Industrial gases are companions in our daily lives, being used in almost all industrial processes. A good proportion of the objects and services in everyday use have been produced with the help of industrial gases.

Extracted from the atmosphere by physical processes or recovered from production cycles, with considerable resource optimisation, industrial gases are supplied, according to the type of use and quantities required, in gaseous form (cylinders or pipelines) or in liquid form (cryogenic liquids in insulated tanks) and with different grades of purity.

Today, SIAD, leader in the production and distribution of the entire range of industrial gases, sees itself as the partner to its customers, in seeking technological and services solutions, in all those productive and transformation processes which use industrial gases, in order to assure to its customers advantages such as greater productivity, operator safety, respect for the environment, product quality and optimisation of production resources.

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