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SIAD porous filling mass

SIAD has contributed substantially from back in the 1920s to the present day to the development - at a European level - of ever more effective and safer to use porous filling masses. From the first compact porous masses - based on kieselguhr, wood charcoal, asbestos and lime - with which several hundred thousand cylinders were filled by SIAD over a forty year period - to the monolithic Silica Sintex high porousity mass based on calcium silicate and asbestos as a binder - produced by SIAD under license from Union Carbide to fill more than a million cylinders; to the new AF (asbestos free) porous filling mass, developed after years of intense research.

Significant dates:
1927 - Sestini SIAD patents for compact porous filling,
1963 - Porous filling “Silica Sintex 92%” produced under license from Union Carbide,
1992 - SIAD patent for Asbestos Free porous filling mass mark the steps along the long road of research and technological development, which have enabled SIAD to emerge as a leader among the major European producers, and to be universally appreciated for the high quality, lightweight, excellent absorption capacity and safety of the SIAD porous filling mass.