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Absence of asbestos
No environmental problems during manufacture of the porous filling or during periodic inspections.
The cylinder can be emptied at the end of its useful life, without damage to the environment.

Chemical stability
The porous mass is a chemically inert product which exerts no catalytic activity on the metallic materials of which the cylinder is made nor on the solvents or the acetylene.

Resistance properties are high and constant over time
During use, filling and transportation of the cylinders over the years, no internal cracks or cavities are formed which could reduce the efficiency of the mass and limit its safe usage.

High porosity
High porosity with, consequently, greater acetylene absorbency capacity and reduced transportion costs. The majority of the total volume of the cylinder remains available for the acetylene and its solvent because only 8% is occupied by the porous filling which, being very light, has only a marginal effect on the total weight to be transported.

Quicker filling of solvent and gas and greater discharge capacity
Thanks to the high porosity and permeability of the mass, the filling of the cylinder with acetylene can be effected in a reasonably short period of time and then the cylinder can be put to use and a supply flow maintained without any carry over of solvent.

Absolute safety
With correct use: in the case of any possible beginning of acetylene decomposition caused by local external heating at a point on the cylinder or by a flame back-flash due to abnormal usage, this will be nipped in the bud, thanks to the special closed pore structure of the porous filling mass.

Maintenance costs reduced to a minimum during scheduled periodic cylinder testing.