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Refrigerant gases
Refrigerant gases

Contattaci refrigeranti

Refrigerant gases

SIAD proposes a full range of refrigerant gases that are used as fluids in air conditioner and refrigeration system cooling cycles.

In addition to key features such as cold, efficiency, eco-friendliness and a broad product range, SIAD refrigerant gases:

  • guarantee correct, safe plant functioning and effective energy conservation
  • contribute to protecting the environment as they do not contain ozone-depleting substances (HCFC)
  • are available in different types and forms in order to cater to the requirements of large and small users
  • are distributed all over Italy through SIAD sales offices, agencies or authorised retailers.

From January 1st 2015 new F-gas Regulation applies to reduce the amount of HFCs(Reg. EU n°517/2014).

SIAD F-gas customers are kindly requested to fill in the form prepared to collect all the information required by the new regulation (Art. 6 point 3).