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F-Gas Regulation

The F-GAS Regulation is part of the EU’s environment policy to contain, prevent and reduce fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions, including the containment, use, recovery and destruction of these gases, and the labeling and disposal of products and equipment containing them. The regulation also covers training and certifications for personnel and companies that process greenhouse-effect gases.

F-Gas Regulation EU 517/2014 came into force in June 2014 and has been applicable since 1 January 2015.


European Regulation 517/2014 imposes drastic reductions on greenhouse-effect gases, aiming for a 79% reduction by 2030 (using the average emissions recorded between 2009 and 2012 as reference).

Different intervention areas have been identified to reach this ambitious target:

  • Imports

The European Regulation imposes a progressive reduction of F-Gas (HFC) imports in the European Union’s territory (phase down), expressed as tons of carbon dioxide equivalents, as better illustrated by the graphic:

  • Use restrictions/bans on new equipment

- Refrigerators and freezers for commercial use (hermetic) containing F-Gas with GWP > 2,500 → from 1/1/2020.

- Refrigerators and freezers for commercial use (hermetic) containing F-Gas with GWP > 150 → from 1/1/2022.

- Stationary refrigeration systems containing F-Gas with GWP > 2,500 → from 1/1/2020.

- Centralized refrigeration systems for commercial use with a capacity > 40kW, containing F-Gas with GWP > 150 → from 1/1/2022, with the exception of gas used in the primary refrigerant circuit of cascade systems (for which GWP < 1,500 is admitted).

- Movable room air-conditioning equipment (hermetic) with GWP > 150 → from 1/1/2020.

- Residential air-conditioning systems containing < 3 kg of gases with GWP > 750 → from 1/1/2025.

The new F-gas regulation