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F-Gas Regulation

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F-Gas Regulation

The F-GAS Regulation is one of the main expressions of EU environmental policy. The Regulation aims to contain, prevent and reduce emissions of certain fluorinated greenhouse gases.

It also sets forth rules for the containment, use, recovery and destruction of these gases and provisions for the labelling and disposal of products and equipment containing these gases and also the training and certification of personnel and enterprises responsible for treating greenhouse gases.

The main obligations imposed by the Regulation are as follows:

  • Leak prevention.
  • Leak testing.
  • Record keeping
  • Recovery of the gas.
  • Use of personnel with appropriate qualifications.
  • Labelling.

The F-gas Regulation came into force for the first time in July 2006, with effect from July 2007. In June 2014 a new F-gas Regulation (Reg. EU n°517/2014) came into force.

The new F-gas Regulation applies from January 1st 2015 and provides:

  • Quantitative limits or restrictions in placing HFCs on the market (in tons of CO2 equivalent).
  • Provisions for the containment, use, recovery and destruction of F-gases.
  • Conditions for placing products and equipment containing F-gases on the market.

The new F-gas regulation