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F-GAS Certification for companies

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F-GAS Certification for companies

Pres. Decree no. 43 of January 27, 2012 introduced the certification requirement for operators (companies and technical personnel) who carry out installation, maintenance, repair, recovery or control of sealing systems of equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases (air conditioning, refrigeration and fire-extinguishing systems, heat pumps, high-voltage switchgear).

A certification procedure is therefore foreseen for these operators, which will lead to the creation of a National Register of Certified Companies and Persons.

The deadline for registration in the National Electronic Register of Certified Companies and Persons has been extended by 60 days, therefore the new deadline has been fixed for June 11, 2013.

Reference regulations:

EC Reg. 842/2006

EC Reg. 303, 304, 305, 306/2008.

The Council of Ministers also recently approved the Penalties Decree, which provides for heavy fines (up to € 100,000).

The parties concerned are companies and operators that use:

HFCs (various refrigerant gases for refrigeration and air conditioning)

HFCs for fire-extinguishing use (e.g. R-125, R-227ea, etc.)

sulfur hexafluoride used in electric switches.

After their own operators have obtained the provisional permit, the companies can obtain a provisional certificate by registering on www.fgas.it. When operators have obtained the ten-year license, companies can be certified.

SIAD offers the possibility of obtaining the certification of Companies in accordance with EC Reg. 303 and 304 through Certiquality with special prices.