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Annual declaration of F-Gas emission

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Annual declaration of F-Gas emission

As laid down by art. 16 of Pres. Decree 43/2012 (implementing EC Reg. 842/2006), as of 2013, by May 31 of each year operators of stationary refrigeration and air conditioning applications, heat pumps, as well as stationary fire protection systems containing at least 3 kg of fluorinated greenhouse gases must submit to Ministry of Environment through the Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research (ISPRA - website: a declaration concerning the amount of emissions of fluorinated gases in the atmosphere for the previous year on the basis of the data contained in the relevant system register.”

The deadline for submitting the declaration is May 31, 2013, but the above-mentioned website points out that the compilation system will still be available in June.

The regulation defines "operator” as a natural or legal person who actually controls the technical functioning of the equipment and systems. Actual control of the technical functioning of equipment or a system includes, in principle, the following elements:


  •     free access to the system, which involves the possibility of monitoring the components and their operation, and of giving access to third parties;
  •  control of normal operation and management (e.g. making the decision to switch on and off);
  •  the power (including the financial power) to decide on technical modifications (e.g. replacing a component, installing a permanent leak detection system), modifying the amounts of fluorinated gases in the equipment or system, and implementing controls (e.g. leakage checks) or repairs. 


According to this definition, the owner of the system is not automatically the operator of equipment. Art. 2 of Pres. Decree 43/2012 states that the equipment or system owner is regarded as the operator if he has not delegated to a third party the actual control of its technical functioning. Therefore, under Pres. Decree 43/2012 the operator can delegate this function in contractual agreements with external assistance companies.

Anyone who, by May 31 of each year, fails to comply with the obligations of forwarding the information by appropriate declaration or forwards such declarations in an incomplete or inaccurate way or not in accordance with the provisions of law, shall be punishable with an administrative fine of € 1,000 to € 10,000.

Fluorinated gases considered for declaration purposes 
The pure substances and the preparations considered for declaration purposes are those included in Annex I to EC Regulation no. 842/2006. The list of substances is available in PDF format in the "useful information" section on Please note that even though being fluorinated greenhouse gases, CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons), halons, HCFCs (hydrochlorofluorocarbons) and also R-22 are not considered for declaration purposes.