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Sterilisation mixtures based on ethylene oxide

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Sterilisation mixtures based on ethylene oxide

The use of atmospheres based on ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide is the most common technology used in the sterilisation of objects changed by heat or of disposable products, for the following reasons:

  • they are very effective
  • they have good diffusion through the packaging material
  • they are not absorbed by the product
  • technical problems such as changes in material resistance, deformation and toxicity are not a factor
  • they do not cause aesthetic/functional problems (yellowing, opacification).

Ethylene oxide is also extremely effective against microrganisms, spores (typical form five to ten times stronger than common bacteria), moulds and yeasts and can inactivate viruses.
Ethylene oxide and its mixtures with carbon dioxide are used in the biomedical industry for producing plastic-disposable-sterile equipment for haemodialysis, heart surgery, autotransfusion, plasmapheresis, blood filtration, etc.
The sterilisation rate depends on temperature, length of treatment, gas concentration and humidity.
For maximum sterilisation purposes, it is possible to work in concentrations from 400 to 1000 mg/l. For . For each use with a different purpose, experimental tests need to be carried out each time in order to establish an appropriate working cycle.